Breast cancer survivor and clutter clearing author learns to walk her talk

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weed Clutter--Literally

I am fortunate to have a yard to work on. I am unfortunate to have lots of yard work. Sometimes when I write about clutter clearing, I talk about procrastination, perfectionism, and clutter sometimes coming off in layers rather than all at once.

Weeding the yard can be a little like the issues above. If a weed is emerging from the landscape I walk by to get in and out of the garage, I sometimes spend more time and energy noting it each time I walk by rather than stooping down once to pull it! Does that sound like procrastination? It does to me!

What if I don't manage to get the root of the weed? It might grow back. Still, if I don't even try to pull it because of my perfectionism, it may send out shooters or have offspring and I will then have more weeds to pull. So, it is better to drop the perfectionism and give it a try rather than to let the situation ride.

Sometimes we can't have a perfect yard instantly. It takes multiple efforts to trim, shape, and weed things into shape. Yard clutter sometimes has to come off little by little over time too. Maybe the important part is just that we get out there and keep trying.