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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sometimes a work-at-home day doesn't work out

Sometimes working at home doesn't work out to be the day that you planned:

My morning is a little "interesting." My yellow lab dog got sprayed in the mouth by a skunk last night . I didn't realize it at first so she came in a stunk up our house too. And, then she spent the night in the outdoor kennel. I went to a 24-hour Walgreens at 6:30 this a.m. for ingredients to de-skunk her and my house. Neither of us enjoyed the process. We both got cold and wet out on the driveway with the sprayer hose, buckets.... She is back in the outdoor kennel, and I came in to do laundry. Oh, well..

Then, The saga continues. We gave her garlic to "freshen" her breath from the skunk. Chuck & Don's plus websites I found say onions and garlic may be toxic to dogs: it might cause some kind of anemia!!!! I just finished retreating her face externally and giving her hydrogen peroxide orally to vomit--which she did. Then, I had to shovel up the lawn barf so she wouldn't, well, reingest it...School conferences tonight.

Has anyone else had work-at-home days that dissolve like this?

I just wanted to share. I thought it might make someone smile (I'm not quite ready to just yet.)

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