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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vacuum cleaner: Newbie clutter clearing book author keeps perspective

As a newbie clutter clearing book author, I am very excited to share that I received some great book review and radio interview requests recently. It is thrilling to think that my book is "out there" now and actually helping people with clutter clearing and home organizing ideas.

The other cool thing I just learned is that my upcoming speaking/interview/book signing schedule appears on my author page at Amazon. Just scroll down a little ways. I suppose I should be a calm and mature forty-something about it, but I am really happy! Technology is so neat! I hope you can come or listen to one of my events if you are interested.

Of course, life still marches on, and shortly after the latest request came in, I am hunched over on my floor digging and cutting hair off my vacuum cleaner beater brush bar. Counting the dogs, there are six of us in the house who shed hair. And, on top of that, two of them are teenagers. Do they "shed" more or do they just have longer hair? When was the last time you flipped your upright vacuum cleaner over to see if your beater brush bar could use a de-hairing? It took less than 10 minutes, and I am pretty sure the vacuum will operate more efficiently and effectively without all that hair wrapped around the beater brush.

I suppose with New Year's resolutions and the calm after the holidays that I am on a little reflective "perspective" kick. The thrilling is mixed in with the mundane. Beater brush hair, as well as dog barf and a host of other things, keep us grounded.

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