Breast cancer survivor and clutter clearing author learns to walk her talk

Clutter clearing cancer coping author and motivational speaker We can learn to live our priorities fully (and not just surviving or getting by on a day to day basis) by clearing out the distractions and focusing on what is important to each of us, our families, and our lives. Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools: We'll get you through this by Barbara Tako, two-time cancer survivor and published author and motivational speaker on the topic of clutter clearing. For updates on this new book, click here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Dusting?

If there is dust on the coffee table but everyone is outside enjoying the beautiful weather, is the dust there to see?

Living clutter free is about living our priorities. Is your priority achieving magazine cover sort of perfection in your home or getting outside to enjoy spring?

Maybe your dust bothers your visual peace. Maybe someone in your home has allergies. I wouldn't presume to tell someone what to do. I am suggesting that whatever you decide to do about the indoor clutter or cleaning right now, it could be a conscious choice. We can all make more conscious clutter clearing (or not) choices!

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