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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yard Clutter Clearing

I love the seasonal changes of living in Minnesota, but part of me also dreads the yard work for the half of the year that the ground isn't frozen or covered with snow. I look at the leaves and debris from last fall, and it is hard not to feel a little depressed at the work that looms ahead.

Here are 4 ideas that help me stay on track with lawn clutter clearing this spring. I would love to hear and share your ideas too!
  1. Plan. Plan. Plan. Make a prioritized list of the yard tasks to tackle this season.
  2. Mentally re-frame the whole thing: Yard work is good physical exercise and a good mental meditative and de-stressing activity.
  3. Break the big tasks down into smaller ones. I mulch 7 flower beds, but I don't have to do all of them in one day! Step back and celebrate each small success.
  4. Keep a Yard Folder from year to year: Each year make note of what is planted in each bed, what vegetables worked and didn't work so well in the garden, what the long-term plans are, what tasks got completed...It will be a helpful resource to refer back to!

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