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Friday, December 11, 2009

Emotional Clutter: Stress, Holiday stress

Too busy, too little time. I'll never get it all done "in time." My mind goes in ten directions at once. These thoughts can create emotional clutter in the form of stress, especially during the holiday season. Stress doesn't feel good. It makes the stomach roll and the head hurt. It wears people down.

Is there a cure for holiday stress? For me, I need to drop the perfectionism. The holidays will come and things will be "good enough." Good enough is just fine. Maybe I can drop the self-torture of perfectionism. It will be a smaller and simpler celebration at our house this year. I am going to try to take a deep breath, or several, and slow it down.

What about a little self care during this busy time? Humm? What would that look like? I think it looks a little different for each of us. Maybe it would be worth thinking about and implementing a little self care. Mine, today, looks like this: coffee and conversation with a dear friend, even though technically I don't "have time." And, flannel sheets! I installed the flannel sheets on the bed this morning. We live in a cold climate, and, with an unusually warm November, I hadn't taken care of this yet. These fresh, warm,  cuddly sheets give me something to look forward to all day!

Maybe you could give yourself the gift of self care today too? What helps you manage the emotional clutter of holiday stress?

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